Product Questions Answers for Magento 2

Product Questions Answers for Magento 2

Product Questions Answers for Magento 2

Rule Based Product Tabs for Magento 2

Rule Based Product Tabs for Magento 2

Store Maintenance Lite for Magento 2

Store Maintenance Lite for Magento 2

Product Question Answer for Magento 2 is an extension developed to help customers ask product related questions on the product page to either the store owner or get answered by other customers. The customer can get updated about their queries by email notification and use rating feature to like or dislike answers. It helps you to create a product-specific FAQ section on product pages.

Magento Compatibility: 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Extension VERIFIED By: Magento Marketplace

GraphQL: Support available (PWA ready)

Hyvä support: Yes

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Product question answer for Magento 2 is a simple but necessary extension which lets your customers ask product related questions and answer them as well. The admin or seller can reply to these question as well manage thread using this module. The customers can use rating feature to make a conclusive decision simply by using like or dislike facility for all answers.

The admin can easily manage the whole section from the backend and also can provide an answer to the questions asked by the customers. This can also help the admin to get an idea about customers interest in particular related products. The customer and admin both can stay updated using email notification feature for related product question answer thread. The customers can also use like or dislike function to rate answers responded by other customers or the admin as well. The customer can also use report abuse answer function to notify the admin about the offensive response for asked questions to get a solution for related queries.

Below is an example to give simple outline about the Product Question Answer for Magento 2 extension from the frontend and from the backend as well.

Product Questions Answers Tab

The customers can ask product related questions using simple form after filling the required fields. In this form, Nickname and Email fields can be set by the admin as either optional or required based on need. Here asked question can be answered by either only admin or by other customers as well.

As an example, If the answer is configured to be replied by the admin only then the answer form will not show up for other customers.

Submit Answer - Product Questions Answers

The customers can use different rating functions Like, Dislike or Report Abuse to rate an answer.

Note that only registered customers can rate an answer and the customers who already purchased the product will appear as a Certified Buyer.

Here the customers can submit answers Anonymously if configured by the admin from the backend as an optional requirement. While replying, the customer can simply tick the checkbox to submit an answer anonymously.

Assign multiple products to the question - Product Questions Answers

The admin can add questions or change the status of the question easily from the backend.

Note that the admin can Assign Multiple Products with the single question. The question will show up at all assigned product pages on the frontend.

As an example, same type of products can be assigned to the same type of question.

Only approved questions by the admin will show up on the product page.

Customer Email Notification - Product Questions Answers

The customers will receive Email Notifications about submitted answers as well the admin can also receive email notifications for the same. With this facility, the customers can easily solve their queries by reading notifications directly.

The customers can also view their submitted questions and answers information from My Questions and Answers section under my account.

For any other questions about the Product Question Answer for Magento 2 extension, well ask us right away.

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Version 1.1.7
- Fix the database schema

Version 1.1.6
- Fix the compatibiilty issue

Version 1.1.5
- Compatible with Magento 2.4.4

Version 1.1.4
- Compatible with GraphQL

Version 1.1.3
- Compatibility with Magento 2.4.3
- Fix the issue with product full width layout
- Improve coding standard

Version 1.1.2
- Fix Report Abuse submission from the my account

Version 1.1.1
- Fix Answer grid issue if used table prefix
- Fix multi trigger popup issue

Version 1.1.0
- Add question search feature
- Fix backend grid issue on multi-store product name

Version 1.0.0
- Initial Release
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  1. Awesome customer support
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    I'm using this extension in Magento 2.3 EE and it is a very useful extension with many features that really adds value to the product. I reached their customer support regarding a bug. They have replied along with the fix in a very short time. Totally recommend it.


    Posted on

  2. Everything fine
    How do you rate this extension?
    We got the latest version of Magento 2.3.4 and we had a third part theme/template. At first we got some problems because of the theme. But thanks to the professional customer service who made this extension work. We are very satisfied!


    Posted on

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